What Muslims Should Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Prophet (PBUH) said in a famous Hadith that you should tie your camel, and then turn to Allah. This means that we shouldn’t leave everything up to dua and prayer. We should use our common sense and take precautions and then pray to Allah as well. This is a very pertinent Hadith in the... Continue Reading →

Duas for Good Health and Their Importance

Health and well-being are very important to humans. Allah has created humans in such a way that falling ill and suffering from sicknesses is a normal part of everyday life. Therefore, believers should be ready for such trials and tribulations. They must also know the way of reacting in such circumstances. Often, people react in... Continue Reading →

The Virtues of Jummah (Fridays)

Jummah is one of the special days for Muslims, and it has many virtues of Friday that we can benefit from. It is one of the special days from the perspective of Islam. Hence, we must take advantage of it by doing the prescribed acts. Some are obligatory, such as the Jummah prayer for men.... Continue Reading →

Learning about Surah Mulk Benefit’s

Explanation of Surah Mulk Allah begins this surah by pointing out how He is the Creator and Ultimate Being in existence. He is the Creator of everything besides Him, and He is the only Being that has existed and will continue to exist forever. He tells us about the magnificence of His creation, including the... Continue Reading →

Performing Tahajjud Prayer 2020-2021

Performing Tahajjud prayer The Method of TahajjudProphet Muhammad (S) used to wake up in the last third of the night after sleeping earlier. He would then offer prayer until his feet swelled up. Engrossed in worship, he would make dua for the Muslims and repent to Allah, asking for His forgiveness. This is one of... Continue Reading →


BEST QUOTES FROM THE QURAN The meanings of the words so delicately written in the Quran are beyond the embroidered binding and calligraphy frame of the Quran. There are 114 gurahs, 6,236 earth pillars and countless pearls of wisdom in the Quran. Each aya provides us with wisdom beyond words and touches our hearts. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

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